Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet Uri Ramirez Jarquin

October 8, 2021
Uri Ramirez Jarquin

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, MPFI is showcasing some of our talented researchers from Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean. Today, we meet Uri Ramirez Jarquin, a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Ryohei Yasuda.

As a child, Uri found himself fascinated by the world around him, but when he was twelve years old, he had the opportunity to visualize a cell in an onion skin as part of a science class and was instantly hooked. “I fell in love with the cell, and I discovered for the first time that there are people who study cells, and those people are called biologists, and I decided to become a biologist,” he said. As a postdoc, Uri applies his love for cell biology to better understand the intricate components within the brain.

Uri’s family came from a small town to settle in Mexico city with short economic resources, and he feels fortunate that his family gave him the support and encouragement to study whatever he liked – an opportunity that not everyone is given. “In Mexico, it is true that sometimes science becomes a classist issue because you need to be focused and expend all of your time doing it, which means you do not have time to work,” he explained. Despite these challenges, he pursued a scientific career, joining Max Planck Florida in April of 2021.

Becoming a scientist is a source of great pride for Uri, because studying biology is a true passion for him. “I love science, and I have been doing science for more than half of my life. I have been given the opportunity to share what I do with the science community, but also with my family, relatives, friends, and people outside of science. I think it should be essential for scientists to share knowledge in general.”

Once his time as a postdoc is complete, Uri hopes to return to Mexico to work as a scientist, and feels that his time at MPFI will help with this goal “The opportunity to be a part of MPFI is a great achievement and helps my trajectory, which definitely impacts the opportunities I may have,” he said.