Seminar – MPFI Seminar

Charting the Molecular Architecture of Synapses, Circuits, and Behavior

Scott Soderling

Jun 11,
  • Time:
  • Location: MPFI - Elmore Auditorium
  • Host: Ryohei Yasuda
  • Speaker: Scott Soderling

A major challenge in neuroscience is integrate the molecular organization of diverse synapses in vivo with neural circuitry underlying behavior in adaptive and maladaptive states. Our laboratory has pioneered new chemico-genetic approaches to unravel the molecular composition of synaptic sites previously unexplored at a biochemical level. We use this information to chart the genetic burden of brain disorders to synapse types. Using new orthogonal recombinase viral strategies we also map how perturbations to synapses result in circuit pathologies underlying abnormal behaviors. Results from these approaches will be discussed in the context of how they inform normal and altered brain function.