Seminar – MPFI Seminar Series

Neuronal representation of reward-predictive cues in mouse visual cortex

Nathalie Rochefort

May 16,
  • Time:
  • Location: MPFI - Elmore Auditorium
  • Host: David Fitzpatrick
  • Speaker: Nathalie Rochefort

representations in the primary visual cortex (V1) are shaped by experience
through the integration of both external visual inputs and internal signals
related to an animal’s behavior. The activity of V1 neurons is thus influenced
by a variety of factors when animals navigate their environment. Using in vivo
two-photon calcium imaging, my research group examined the activity of V1
neurons before, during and after head-fixed mice were trained using a
visually-guided task in a virtual reality environment. We found a refinement of
responses to both visual aspects of the task as well as reward-related
responses in V1. These results provide additional evidence that neuronal
activity in primary sensory areas is highly dynamic and changes with the behavioural
significance of sensory inputs. I will present current projects of the lab
related to the mechanisms underlying this plasticity.