Science Meets Music

Science Meets Music: “Muscle Memory: Improving Motor Performance by Training the Brain”

Mar 28,
  • Time:
  • Location: The Benjamin School

Careful movements allow us to perform tasks throughout our day like driving a car or hitting a golf ball. We learn to improve the performance of our movements
by making mistakes during practice. In his lecture, Dr. Christie will present his work examining how motor errors during mistakes produce signals in the brain that
changes how it affects movements. Through advanced research techniques, it is now possible to “view” how learning signals are encoded in the activity pattern of
neurons and then non-invasively coax these patterns into the brain to artificially implant motor memories despite the lack of real-world experience. This insight into the basic understanding of brain function bodes well for human health and may one day allow for new therapies that can help overcome the debilitating effects of motor impairment.

Dr. Jason Christie

Dr. Christie joined the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience in 2010 and leads the research group of Cerebellar Circuit Function.

Dr. Sofiya Uryvayeva Martin, Pianist

The phenomenal pianist Sofiya Uryvayeva Martin has performed with great success throughout the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Austria. While in Germany, she earned both Masters and Doctorate degrees in piano performance. In 2017, Sofiya became an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Sofiya’s electrifying virtuosity and exquisite musicality has earned her numerous prizes in international competitions. Her concerts have been described by critics as “a festival of the senses,” “a magic ride on the witch’s broom,” and “brilliant technique with soul.”

By popular demand, Sofiya is returning to the Science Meets Music Series. Last season, she captivated guests with her beauty, talent, and artistry — a performance like no other.