Seminar – Tri-Institutional Seminar

TIPS with Audrey Bonnan and Nathaniel Noyes

Mar 6,
  • Time:
  • Location: FAU MC17 Rm119

Audrey Bonnan

Laboratory of Dr. Jason Christie, MPFI

The role of molecular layers inhibition in the expression of learning

The cerebellum plays a key role in motor learning using multiple sites of plasticity within its well-defined circuitry. Here I will present a new role for molecular layer interneurons, a main component of the cerebellar circuit, as necessary for the expression of specific forms of motor learning.

Nathaniel Noyes

Laboratory of Dr. Ron Davis, Scripps

Ras is a molecular switch between two forms of consolidated memory

Consolidation is required for the long-term stability memories. In Drosophila, we have discovered the Ras signaling through Rho Kinase regulates multiple forms of consolidate memory.