Seminar – Tri-Institutional Seminar

TIPS with Henry Dunn and David Whitney

Aug 29,
  • Time:
  • Location: Scripps B-159

Henry Dunn

Laboratory of Dr. Kirill Martemyanov, Scripps Research

Endogenous trans-synaptic modulators of group III mGluRs temper neuropsychiatric manifestations

Trans-synaptic modulation of GPCRs represents an emerging dimension in GPCR pharmacology and synaptic function. We demonstrate prototypical glutamatergic autoreceptors rely on endogenous trans-synaptic modulators to fine-tune mGluR activation, control excitability, and temper neuropsychiatric manifestations.

David Whitney

Laboratory of Dr. David Fitzpatrick

Nature and Nurture: Building robust sensory representations in the developing neocortex

Using in vivo 2-photon and widefield calcium imaging, we find that the intrinsic neural networks of the developing visual cortex are surprisingly well organized prior to sensory experience, but fail to respond selectively to stimulus features such as edge orientation. Early visual experience drives critical refinements in these networks, generating reliable, binocularly aligned sensory representations that accurately encode stimulus orientation.