Seminar – Tri-Institutional Seminar

TIPS with Supriya Swarnkar and Ben Scholl

Jun 7,
  • Time:
  • Location: Scripps B-159

Supriya Swarnkar

Laboratory of Dr. Sathya Puthanveettil, TSRI

Kinesins and regulation of synapse function

Molecular motor kinesins are essential for neuronal functions. Here I will present how they influence synapse function and their role in long-term memory storage.

Ben Scholl

Laboratory of Dr. David Fitzpatrick, MPFI

Differential tuning of excitation and inhibition underlies direction selectivity in ferret visual cortex

In principle, a variety of factors contribute to a cortical neuron’s response selectivity. Here we dissect the factors contributing to motion sensitivity in ferret visual cortex using a combination of techniques including in vivo whole-cell recording, synaptic and cellular resolution in vivo two photon calcium imaging, and GABAergic-selective optogenetic manipulation.