Getting to know our NWIS Leadership: Katie Ippolito

Get to know the scientists that keep MPFI’s NWiS organization up and running! In this four-part series we will be learning more about the team that makes our networking opportunities possible.

June 30, 2020

What is your background (e.g., education, hometown, etc.)?

I grew up in a small town on just across the river from New York City. I moved to the woods of “Down-East” Maine to attend Bowdoin College for a B.A. in Neuroscience.

What is your position and lab at MPFI and in NWiS?

I am now a part of the MPFI Postbaccalaureate Fellows Program in Dr. Yingxue Wang’s lab. At MPFI, I’ve been so lucky to be a part of NWiS, where I primarily assist the Events Coordination Team.

What is your project or work about?

Dr. Wang’s work focuses on the circuits which encode episodic memory and how they are coordinated to recall a complex environment.

Did you have a female mentor during your career? If so, how do you think this shaped your career trajectory?

It’s been extremely inspiring to work in the lab of a young, female PI, and with the other remarkable ladies of NWiS. In Dr. Wang’s lab, I feel more than ever that I have the opportunity to express my own ideas, to discover for myself what works and how to reimagine what doesn’t work.