New Paper Sheds Light on Autism and Schizophrenia Gene

September 22, 2020

Research Group Leader McLean Bolton, Ph.D., former postdoc Douglas Asede, and former postbac Asnel Joseph are excited to announce their paper, “Deletion of NRXN1α impairs long-range and local connectivity in amygdala fear circuit,” was published in Translational Psychiatry. The research examines how the removal of tiny pieces of the gene NRXN1α leads to an impaired ability to process emotions like fear. This is informative because mutations of the neurexin-1-alpha gene are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and could contribute to susceptibility for schizophrenia and autism. Further research to fully understanding how different mutations of a single gene can affect how we think and behave is needed in order to one day tailor treatments to individual patients.