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Year in Review 2022 – For those interested in learning more about the development and progress of the institute, the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience publishes an annual Year in Review magazine detailing recent research progress as well as fundraising and outreach activities.

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Max Planck Research Magazine

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The view of the night sky has always given us a sense of wonder; since ancient times, we have also used it as a way to tell time and as a navigational aid. Above all, however, it determines our view of the world and of ourselves. Thanks to astronomical discoveries, the location of humankind in the cosmos has increasingly shifted from the center to the edge. It is now evident that even our solar system only has a peripheral existence within the Milky Way: there are countless planets like ours in the universe – indeed, there are countless galaxies.

Among these, even our solar system still poses many unanswered questions. For instance, scientists are looking into the specifics of how the Earth and nearby planets were created. Where did the building material come from? Why did they form at different rates? And why did the Earth, in particular, have the conditions necessary to support the development of life?

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