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Year in Review 2020 – For those interested in learning more about the development and progress of the institute, the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience publishes an annual Year in Review magazine detailing recent research progress as well as fundraising and outreach activities.

Read more about highlights such as:

  • Max Planck Florida responds to coronavirus crisis_ 02
  • MPFI Adds Two New Research Groups_ 05
  • Board of Trustees Appoints Dr. Asifa Akhtar as Chair_ 09

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Max Planck Research Magazine

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The Covid-19 pandemic is deepening the division in society and reinforcing growing social inequality in our country – a subject that we are taking a closer look at in this issue’s Focus. In addition, the pandemic has also brought about major changes in the relationship between the state and the economy. While politics had long withdrawn from economic activities, researchers now recognize the opposite trend. But the coronavirus has also brought the immune system into focus, which needs to strike a balance between defending against foreign pathogens, while also not overreacting and causing harm to the body’s own cells.

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