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Year in Review 2018  For those interested in learning more about the development and progress of the institute, the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience publishes an annual Year in Review magazine detailing recent research progress as well as fundraising and outreach activities.


Read more about highlights such as:

  • FAU and MPFI Partner to Launch Program for High School Students _ 04
  • Newly Identified Role for Inhibition in Cerebellar Plasticity and Behavior _ 17
  • Tools of the Trade that Shatter the Resolution Barrier _ 22
  • Brain Trust Celebration: A Night at the Institute _ 38


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Max Planck Research Magazine

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#1 / 2019 The European Union is currently experiencing several crises. Brexit is only one of them and probably not even the most serious one. Max Planck researchers are almost more concerned about the diverging views of the rule of law and the massive structural inequalities between the EU members. A look at the history of the international community, however, also shows that Europe has mastered many serious crises in the past – from which we can gain insights into the current situation.

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#4 / 2018

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Digital Society – The digitalization of our society is advancing at an ever faster pace.

#3 / 2018

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The Origin of Life – The question of the origins of life still remains an open problem.

#2 / 2018

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Parasites – About 40 percent of all species on earth live parasitically.

#1 / 2018

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Migration – Migration is currently one of the most relevant socio-political issues.

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