People Behind the Science: Divyesh Doddapaneni

February 18, 2021
Divyesh Doddapaneni

Science fair season was one of Divyesh Doddapaneni’s favorite times of the year as a child. From the moment he learned about the “scientific method” he was forming hypotheses about the world around him.

Divyesh joined MPFI several years ago through the Max Planck Honors program in partnership with FAU. For someone who has always loved designing his own experiments, working at MPFI was a dream come true. In MPFI’s Bolton Lab, Divyesh studies a group of inhibitory neurons in the amygdala. He loves what he does, especially working alongside people who are passionate about science and who are willing to work with him to make his science even stronger.

Even outside of the lab, Divyesh has enjoyed the many lectures from world-class scientists that MPFI offers, as well as enrichment and career development activities. Working with and learning more about MPFI’s Imaging Center and Mechanical Workshop have given Divyesh a more well-rounded approach to scientific tools and opened up new possibilities for creatively approaching his science.

One of his best experiences through MPFI was having the opportunity to travel to a regional neuroscience conference to give a presentation. From science fairs to prestigious conferences, MPFI has enabled Divyesh to continue his excitement for science and grow his career.

Divyesh Doddapaneni won second place in the 2021 AAAS Graduate Student E-Poster Competition for his project “Characterization of a Novel Inhibitory Cell Cluster within the Amygdala.”