The Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience seeks to provide a new understanding of the origins, development, and function of the nervous system and its capacity to produce perception, thought, language, memory, emotion, and action.

MPFI brings together outstanding scientists with a broad range of expertise in a cohesive, collaborative environment designed to stimulate the development of novel approaches to understanding the structure, function, and development of neural circuits.

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Our Labs

Our scientists work on aspects of neuroscience ranging from genes and molecules to cells and synapses, to circuits, behavior, and diseases.

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Scientific Cores

Providing researchers with in-house access to top of the line technology and expertise is one of the things that sets MPFI apart from other research institutions.

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Alumni Research Groups

True to the Max Planck Society mission of spreading scientific excellence, some Research Group Leaders have transitioned into positions at prestigious Universities.

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Recent Publications