Our Electron Microscopy Core provides innovative ultrastructural visualization technologies based on collaborations with investigators, offering expertise, training, and support in the latest technologies and advances in the field.

The Electron Microscopy Core Facility provides technical support for electron microscopy (EM) sample preparation, training in the use of electron microscopes and other technologies in the lab, and collaborates with researchers in the design of EM experiments and data interpretation. The Electron Microscopy Core develops novel techniques alongside investigators to overcome limitations in research projects, providing services to scientists throughout the state. The facility also actively participates in MPFI’s education outreach initiatives through training high school and undergraduate interns in EM techniques and technologies.

Our Services

The following applications are being offered:

  • Conventional ultrathin-section TEM to visualize pure morphology with high-resolution.
  • Thin-section based pre- and post- embedding immuno-EM to localize the target molecules of interest.
  • Freeze-fracture replica immunogold labeling to localize the target membrane proteins, including all types of receptors and channels in membrane structures two-dimensionally.
  • Negative staining to visualize small molecules and others.
  • Serial Block Face SEM to obtain a larger volume of morphological data set.
  • Thin-section based Array tomography with serial-SEM imaging.
  • Conventional SEM.
  • Correlative light and electron microscopy

Browse Our Equipment

Tecnai transmission electron microscope (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Merlin VP Compact scanning electron microscope (Carl Zeiss)

Gemini SEM300 scanning electron microscope (Carl Zeiss)

3View serial block face imaging system with OnPoint detector (Gatan)

High-pressure freezing system (HPM100, Leica)

Automatic freeze-substitution device (AFS, Leica)

Cryo-preparation system (CPC, Leica)

Sputtering and eBeam coater (ACE600, Leica)

Glow discharger (PELCO easiGlow, Ted Pella)

Glass knife maker (KMR3, Leica)

Ultramicrotome (UC7, Leica)

Freeze-fracture system (JFDII, JEOL)

Automated tape collecting microtome (ATUMtome, RMC Boeckeler)

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