Molecular Biology

Our Molecular Core specializes in the use of viral based vectors for gene transfer, supporting investigators at MPFI and throughout the surrounding neuroscience community.

The Molecular Core provides researchers with routine molecular biology cloning and plasmid preparation services, viral construct and vector production, and genotyping using quantitative PCR technology. Passionate about the scientific process and discovery, our Molecular Core Facility plays an active role in teaching and mentoring postdoctoral investigators, graduate students, and undergraduate and high-school interns.

Viral vector technology utilizes a virus’s natural ability to transport its genome into a host cell. Molecular biologists construct, produce, and employ viral vectors to deliver specific genetic material into cells for clinical and research applications.



  • Subcloning and transformation of plasmids
  • DNA Maxi and Mini Preps
  • Primer design and analysis, DNA sequencing service
  • Construction and production of viral vector systems (in cooperation with UNC and U Pennsylvania Vector Core Facilities)
  • Viral Plasmid DNA Quality Control
  • Full sequencing Services available
  • Genotyping
  • Western Blotting



Jenny Yu
Head of Molecular Biology Core