Postdoc Association


MPFI Postdoc Perks

State of the art Scientific Training
Teaching opportunities—FAU academic programs, annual Advanced Neuroimaging Techniques Course, etc.
Mentorship opportunities—formal programs for mentoring graduate students and postbac fellows
Travel awards to attend scientific meetings/courses
• Regular professional development and soft skills training
• Advanced scientific training (optics short course, etc.)
• Sponsored Research Office identifies relevant funding opportunities and assists with submission
• Tailored training with support from the administration with scientific backgrounds

Be a part of a dynamic community of international scholars
• Several opportunities to contribute to the direction of scientific events and invited speakers (Sunposium, MPFI Scientific Retreat, etc.)
Community-oriented programs like Journal Club, Favorite Fridays, MPFI Neurotransmissions Podcast, etc.
• Frequent interactions with elite external scientists
MPFI Postdoc Association (PDA) and other groups provide support and resources
• Tri-institute campus with regular interactions with Scripps Research and FAU



Postdoc Association Leadership

Postdoc Seminar Series

MPFI organizes monthly postdoctoral seminar series to provide a casual forum for the postdocs to present their research projects at different stages of their postdoctoral training. The talk is open to the whole institute and following the talk, each postdoc gets feedback from the directors and research group leaders on their new research ideas, work in progress or completed job talks.

Co-mentor program for MPFI postdocs

To enhance postdocs’ training experience, MPFI initiated a co-mentoring program for all postdocs. Including additional mentors in each postdoc’s training will give them opportunities to increase their network and get diverse scientific feedback. All MPFI postdocs are encouraged to identify 1-2 additional mentors from either within or outside the institute and meet annually or semi-annually with the co-mentor to review mentee’s research, fellowship, and career development.

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